H22a Hybrid Information

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Core Basic Parts

Please make sure you do research on choosing the correct products for your car.

H22 Parts

JDM Style

JDM styling is also another big aspect to going to JDM. We will bring you some information on JDM parts for styling as well

Honda H23a Engine non-vtec:


Earlier on in the search for a devastating swap the h23a engine played second fiddle to its other honda brother the h22a though the coveted "blue top" h23a DOHC VTEC engine took the prelude and accord modding crown for top dog!
The blue top as they call it is the only h23a engine that is considered VTEC versus the other h23a variants available in the markets. You will notice the blue valve cover on the engine to confirm its legacy. Look for the CH9 and if you have a AWD look for CL2 engine codes.

Unless you are paying to have the swap done there any many parts you need to buy to make the Engine Swap a Success. In general there is a basic list of parts you need to complete the swap.. and it will be based on the car you are swapping into as well. The Core basic parts is the Axles, Shift Linkage, Engine Mounts and ECU. You will have to decide as well on if you want to keep the ammendities or not.. some people choose to drop the power steering or Air Conditioning. This was not ment to be a guide but a short overview of the things you will need to look out for..Good Luck!