H22a Hybrid Information

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Core Basic Parts

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H22 Parts

JDM Style

JDM styling is also another big aspect to going to JDM. We will bring you some information on JDM parts for styling as well

Different Types of H22a Engines:


The h22a transmission was known to be planted with the honda prelude from the years 1992 to 1996 and could be equiped with a LSD known as M2B4 and Non-LSD known as M2A4.
While many modder's when purchasing a new jdm honda engine will choose to go with the M2B4 as it will put both wheels turning versus just one.. it does come with extra maintenance and well maybe even more upgrades if you choose too.. must people would give you the "Eye" if you say automatic though.

Originally most h22a swaps were dropped into honda accords matching up the h22 engine with f22 transmission was common due to cost constraints, as time went by people started buying complete jdm swaps sometimes with the whole front end refered to as the "front clip". The hybrid swap into a honda civic then became popular as people began to search for ways to get more bang back for the racing scene, though it was possible with a little engine bay restrucuring and welding.. companies started to offer engine mounts and some even choose to direct weld the engine in... makes for a rough ride! As you are researching for a way to swap your h22a into a civic.. I would take note of parts needed and body modifications you will need to perform for this change. My earlier experiences were with a 90-93 civic and while it was some work.. 0-60 times were definitely improved from the b16a transplant we had done before. Check out hondaswap.com and honda-tech.com for h22a transmission and engine swap conversations.