H22a Hybrid Information

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Core Basic Parts

Please make sure you do research on choosing the correct products for your car.

H22 Parts

JDM Style

JDM styling is also another big aspect to going to JDM. We will bring you some information on JDM parts for styling as well

Different Types of H22a Parts:


Replacing or Upgrading h22a parts is always a balancing factor when it comes to dealing with swaps and performance. Do I go race style or show style.. what looks better and what accomplishes my goal.
If you are looking to go show style, then the focus is typically on dressing your h22 engine to make it aesthetically appealing to your liking but also should be aware of judges view points. Every car show has different categories that will place your vehicle.. read up on the classes and take a clear aim to your best placement. We all can't be trailer queens.

For those looking to go Race style then the focus is more horsepower and light weight parts to reduce the overall weight of the vehicle. All motor, Turbo and Supercharging your swap will also become a question but before I dive into overall aspects, we should talk most commonly need parts needed or replaced on a swap. Typically, Timing Belt, Water Pump, Thermostat with Gasket, Fuel Injector seals, PS line to Pump O-Ring, Valve cover Gasket, Exhaust Gasket and Front Balance Shaft and seal Retainer Kit. That listing is not meant to be all inclusive but a idea on what things you will need to replace on the engine before swapping it into your ride. Most people are providing a list of reusable parts from your current vehicle to the new engine set up as well. Make sure you do your homework on h22a parts needed for your swap.